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Johnson’s Promises Continued Support for Pet Shops During Independent Retailer Month

In a bid to encourage consumers to celebrate and shop at local retailers, July’s Independent Retailer Month is an initiative close to Johnson’s heart.  

With a rich heritage that includes longstanding support for independent pet shops as far back as 1921, our commitment to helping smaller retailers hasn’t wavered – just evolved over time.  

As one of the UK’s most trusted providers of high-quality pet care products, independent retailers continue to make up a large percentage of our loyal customer-base and have championed the Johnson’s brand throughout its growth and expansion.  

It is for this reason that we always support local, doing everything in our power to ensure they continue to thrive, no matter what challenges they face along the way.  

Existing industry trends 

According to some of the UK’s latest pet industry statistics, ownership has steadily increased since 2015, with people spending more than £7.9 billion per year on their pets – a 150% increase since 2000. As of 2022, there were a record 35 million pets in the UK, with 17.4 million households (62%) now owning one.  

These are eye-opening statistics that highlight the importance of having reputable retailers, both large and small, that are committed to providing first-class pet care.  

That being said, in an age where e-commerce has become the new normal for many consumers, independent retailers must be recognised and supported to ensure their long-term prosperity, especially as online retail giants become increasingly more powerful.   

There are many ways to support such retailers, the most obvious being to make a conscious decision to shop there more often. From our perspective, it’s about ensuring standards are maintained and offerings are enhanced, giving smaller retailers the tools needed to compete. This is why in 2023, we invested in our own market research with pet owners so that we could better understand the needs of those who buy our products and ultimately support our stockists to more effectively meet their demands. 

Consistent support and advice 

One of the ways we help them achieve this is through the provision of hands-on in-person training, where our experienced team can visit independent pet shops to offer advice and demonstrations on best-practice methods.  

We have listened to many of our customers and these sessions will soon be available online through our website’s bespoke training area, advising participants on flea and worming techniques that retailers can use to upskill their team, ensuring the correct knowledge is being passed on to customers.   

As important as it is to have the market’s most recognisable brands and products stacked upon store shelves, it is this combination of knowledge, expertise and affordability that gives independent retailers the competitive edge, as shoppers warm to the personable service provided and return as loyal customers.  

It is with this knowledge and understanding that many of our flagship products are sold too, so the training we can provide also help high street pet retailers drive the sale of our flagship products.   

As part of our dedicated team, we have four Johnson’s Area Sales Managers across the UK taking orders directly from customers, whilst offering real-time advice and training. These Area Sales Managers are a key part of our ongoing support to independent retailers, as they are on-hand to manage and grow important relationships.  

Over the years, we have vowed never to become a faceless brand and it’s through the hard work of our active salesforce that we continue to stick by this. Their hands-on, problem-solving nature allows us to focus on product development and brand priorities, going above and beyond to assist retailers of all sizes.  

In keeping with this commitment, we do not supply grocery, discounters or direct to Amazon, nor do we sell directly to the public online. This ensures our customers always get the best prices and keeps the costs affordable for end users.  

Conscious consumer choices 

Whilst the phrase ‘support local’ is often banded about, sometimes unconvincingly, our commitment to helping independent retailers is unwavering.  

Of course, with pet ownership so high, the buying public in the UK often turn to the convenience that large retailers have to offer, but it’s important that local businesses are not forgotten about in the process. Even the occasional product purchase or pet treatment can make a big difference, so it’s important to encourage conscious consumer choices where possible. 

To ensure long-term success and prosperity, Johnson’s will continue to do everything in its power to help those retailers that need it. If you’d like to begin supporting local, then find your nearest stockiest via our Find a Retailer page.

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