We believe important information should be available to everyone, so we’ve gathered some useful resources for you to download.

Worms are a health problem for your pets and your family

Worm infestation is common in dogs and cats and can cause distress and ill health, particularly in puppies and kittens. Animals can become infected at any time and therefore routine treatment is strongly recommended. 

Download the leaflet to find out more about worms and how to treat them.

Dealing with fleas on pets and in the home

Killing the fleas you find on your pets is a good start, but 95% of the flea lifecycle takes place in your pets bedding and your carpets, soft furnishings, etc. To prevent reinfestation you must break this lifecycle taking place in your home.

Download the leaflet to find out more about fleas and how to deal with them.

4joints helps cats and dogs remain active

As one of the UK’s leading pet healthcare product providers, we have used our expertise and experience to develop a range of supplements to help you improve the wellbeing of your pets.

Download the leaflet to find out more.