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Lisa Hopkins

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Our resident ex-Veterinary Nurse Lisa Hopkins is flying high after passing an examination that allows her to advise on medicines for avians.

Lisa Hopkins, who was already an E-SQP (Suitably Qualified Person in the Companion Animal and Equine field, as recognised by AMTRA), passed a further examination which qualifies her to advise on avian medicine – including treatment for poultry and pigeons.

This makes her an EA-SQP, which represents a great achievement as she is one of only 23 such qualified people in the UK.

Lisa's advice really helped us out. Our dog was eating everything!
Jo, leeds


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Our 4fleas Spot On should be applied every 4 weeks for maximum protection.

Both our Fipronil Spot-On and 4Fleas Spot-on can be applied from 8 weeks of age.

Yes, for total flea control, an environmental spray should be used.

Yes, the 4Fleas Tablets can be used with other Spot-On Treatments

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