We Support

Here at Johnson’s we recognise the support that we receive from our customers, and we believe in paying it forward. Take a look at the charities and causes that we support below.

We also support

We also donate to

Blue cross
Dogs Trust
Pony Rescue Fund
Braintree Dog Training
Fox Terrier Rescue
Birmingham Budgerigar Society
Sutton Coldfield & District Dog Training
Supreme Cat Show

Our environmental policy

Johnsons continue to apply their environmental policy across all packaging types with the latest move for all of their outer dispatch cartons from August 2019. 

With an average fifty tonnes used annually, Johnsons have teamed up with The Box Factory to supply only FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited board. The FSC regulate, control, approve and award certification for management of the worlds forests, helping to create a sustainable future. 

Johnsons have opted for FSC mix as above, whilst maintaining strength and rigidity, helping to keep damages to a minimum. 

Do you have a cause you think we should support?

Every now and then we receive requests asking us to help causes, projects and charities. We’d like to offer this section for you to get in touch with us if you believe you need our help. 

Please let us know about your cause and include what you’d like from us. We love detail. 

Thank you! We have received SO many requests with some really worthwhile causes. We’re working our way through them so if you’ve not heard from us, don’t worry we’ve probably just not got to your email yet.